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Herbal Steaming for Yoni Self Care
Understanding is the key to good Yoni health. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions of common inquiries regarding the proper way to care for your sacred woman part.
Our Yoni Eggs are made of semi-precious stones to tone and strengthen the Pelvic Floor/Kegel muscle. They serve as tools to cultivate positive energy while releasing negative energy.
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We offer a variety of services for your Yoni pleasure. These services include Foot And Abdominal Reflexology, Full Body Detox, and Yoni Egg Consultation.
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Yoni Steaming is using herbs emerged in a basin of steaming water inside a stool or seat while wearing a Kaftan and wrapped in a warm sheet or blanket. While sitting on a stool for 15-40 minutes, enjoy your steam reading, relaxing, meditating, writing, or doing whatever relaxes you. Remember, this quiet time should be a time to reconnect and relax.

After you have completed your steaming remember to continue to relax for the rest of the evening, allowing the herbs to continue working. Do not have intercourse for 24 hours after the steaming session because if you do, you may experience a change the (pH) levels in the vagina you may get a fishy odor (if this occurs you will have to have to pay for another session to correct this problem). Most women that steam on a regular basis (no more than once a week) notice a reduction in cramping, bloating and more energy at their next menstrual cycle. Although the uterus has a natural self-cleaning mechanism, medicinal herbal steaming can increase circulation as well as cleanse the reproductive system. Yoni Steaming helps in the shedding of the uterine lining that isn't always completely discharged during a woman's menstrual cycle. 


No one knows where “Yoni Steaming” originated but it is known to be used by women throughout history. Yoni steaming is use in Mayan, Egypt, India, Asia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Korea. In fact, some midwives and naturopathy have used these practices for centuries and is currently using them with their clients today. Yoni steaming is known to connect the mind, body, and spirit using a combination of herbs, extracts, and clays to purify and relax the vagina and other female organs. A woman’s vagina membrane is porous which allow the absorption of the herb properties to help remove toxins and permeate the vagina and skin to receive the benefits of the herbal products.
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Yoni is a Sankrit work that means vagina. The practice of Yoni health has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. Yoni eggs are used to strengthen and control the pelvic floor and vagina muscles known to most people as (Pub coccygeal; the act of controlling these muscles is called Kegels exercises). The Yoni is also known as the divine passage and sacred womb which is used to birth babies as well as give birth to spirituality and gifts.

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